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Building Web3


for the
TON Network

We're a Web3 company dedicated to
developing the best utility software on
the TON network


Here's a little breakdown of how we build
innovative solutions for all our target users
DefineIdentify and define the Problem we’re trying to solve
IdeateBrainstorm and build the solution using existing infrastructure
ResearchIdentify the possible solutions to solve the problem
TestingTest the solution with the community and iterate based on feedback

Featured Projects

We've embarked on a few projects to build products
that help us fulfil our mission at TonderLabs.


Our Team

devAyomideTeam Lead
devSomtoTonderBot Lead Engineer
devMuizArt Director
devDivineFull-stack Engineer
devBayoIntegrations Engineer
devKinyichukwuFront-end Developer
devMayowaDeveloper & Technical Writer
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We build
solutions for
Web3 on TON

TonderLabs is a company dedicated to solving real world problems by building utility softwares and applications that help bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, all of which are built on TON network.

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